Cristina Mota Arts & Crafts Marbella (Costa del Sol, Málaga)

About Cristina Mota

Ana Cristina Mota is a Portuguese Designer, owner and founder of Crafts with Cristina Mota– “Find your creativity, improve your health and have fun”.

Cristina has over 30 years’ experience, working with people and entrepreneurs in Portugal, the UK and for the past 15 years, in Spain.

She is a natural communicator and her language skills help her reach people who speak English, Spanish or Portuguese. Her Industrial design and Inclusive Design knowledge give her the tools to engage with people of various abilities.

She is passionate about teaching others the beauty, and the benefits of painting and drawing, as this has helped her during stressful periods in her own life. She helps timid people, who often find it difficult to make friends, open up and find like-minded people through her diverse courses.


Her Dominion

  • She has a knack for teaching and attracts people through her positive outlook on life
  • Natural communicator and loves to empower others
  • Engages and motivates people of all ages and ethnicities
  • Passionate about sharing her creative abilities with groups
  • She adapts her courses to address people of different abilities

Her Top Courses

  • Learn and practice Four Painting Styles, and take away a finished canvas.
  • Mandala Introduction, Drawing & Painting Mandalas & Colour Decoding
  • Gift Vouchers: Tailor-made courses for all ages and abilities
  • VIP days: Full day of Designing and making the project of your choice


Awards and Recognitions


Won Design Award for her Modular Sofa Design, by – ‘THE DESIGN COUNCIL´ London

Spectra Chair Design Award -Lisbon

Won Best Design Award, London

Featured in Aveiro Newspaper for her work done in Aveiro’s County Council.

Interviewed for Marbella NOW TV. by Nicole King, – 2020

Key-note Speaker – #CONSTRUACCION 2016, Spai