Painting Courses in Marbella & Costa del Sol

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Want to unleash that creativity in you?

Then this is for you.
Whether you have experience or not this intense course will give you plenty of foundations to paint with acrylics.
Here are some of the things you will learn:
1. About composition and rules used to create a balanced piece of art.
2. History of the most famous Painting styles, where they originated and about the artists that used these styles.
3. You will learn about several Painters, and why they painted in a certain style, and used certain colours, and techniques..
4.You will try and test 4 painting styles. Three are a must and the 4th left to your choice.
5. You will finish/ or almost finish a canva during each lesson( so be prepared to get your materials).
6. You will get my help and assistance during the 12 hours online, and if you get stuck, I am available to help you in what I can.

DATES: 21st Sep, 24th, 28th, 1st Oct.
BOOKINGS: (Paypal)
or Bizum: 0034 654480194

*material list will be sent once payment is made.
Hoping to see you on the 21st of September!

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